My story

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark together with 5 siblings. Graduated from highschool in 2006, and went out to explore the world through work and travel.

Spend 2 years, working with children and youth in education, developing pedagogical competencies and experience. From there I took a leap into the corporate sphere working with retail and sales in a small company on the leading edge of promoting the gramophone and it’s superb sound back into the our lifes.
Then I went on a longer trip through China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, and when returned to denmark I was ready for devoting myself to educating me as a business man. Luckily I heard something else calling me without being able to articulate it, but this call drew me to the Kaospilots an education like no other. A place that opens people up to opportunities, istead of converging into one discipline. An educaton that takes into consideration a more holistic view of both the student and the world around. Through experiential learning, reflection, personal development and leading edge theory on Leadership, Organization, Enterprise and Science. A Kaospilot becomes a human being that is capable of dealing with the complexity and challenges that the world is facing, in new ways that involves stakeholders from across sectors, using diversity, dialogue, and systemic approaches to facilitate profound positive change through practical skills.

What’s next?

Bogotá, Colombia for 4 months (Outpost march-june 2011). Educational field-trip, applying my skills in a new cultural and political context. Practicing dealing with complexity, check out the description of the Kaospilot Outpost.


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